The Facts about HB99, as amended.

Real Facts on REAL ID & Driver’s Licenses

√     Ends Governor Martinez’s five-year effort to take away licenses from immigrants in New Mexico.

√     Ensures New Mexico’s undocumented immigrants continue to be licensed to drive.

√     Brings the state into compliance with the REAL ID Act without discriminating against immigrant drivers.

√     Current New Mexico driver’s licenses remain valid until they expire for everyone, regardless of immigration status.

√     Creates two licenses– one that is REAL ID compliant and one that is not REAL ID compliant.

√     U.S. citizens and lawfully present immigrants may apply for the REAL ID license by presenting additional federally required documents at MVD.

√     All New Mexicans–citizens, documented immigrants, and undocumented immigrants– may apply for the non-REAL ID compliant license, also called a “driving  authorization card.”

√     Undocumented immigrants who currently have valid driver’s licenses will NOT be required to submit fingerprints when they apply for a “driving authorization card,” unless they let their licenses  expire.

√     First time “driving authorization card” applicants who are undocumented will have to submit their fingerprints for a background check , but the fingerprints and the results of the background check will not be shared with federal immigration or local law enforcement agencies.

√     Current New Mexico driver’s licenses will be valid for travel on domestic flights until at least 2020.

√     Newly issued REAL ID and non-REAL ID licenses will be valid for travel on domestic flights until further notice by the federal agents.

√  Provided the Governor signs HB 99, as amended, the effective date will be May 18th.


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